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In the ever changing landscape of SEO, it can be hard to keep up. From on-page and off-page, to pandas and penguins, our SEO experts will keep your business’s search game on point.

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Jason and J2H Digital did incredible SEO work for me at innRoad. He diligently understood our business, came up with terms that helped drive inbound leads and he offered up additional suggestions for site structure, content creation and other digital marketing activities that would improve our search engine results. He delivered as promised Top 4 rankings for our most competitive keywords. He is hardworking, honest and easy to work with. I would gladly hire Jason again.

Thereasa Roy

Vice President of Marketing, innRoad

Overview of Our SEO Service

Do you know that 97% of consumers use Google to find local products and services? This gives businesses the massive potential of being found by new customers but also generating massive amounts of revenue. Imagine having a steady flow of potential clients contacting you as opposed to you chasing them. That’s the power of Google search and you can get their through our SEO services.


Our SEO Services Approach

1) Research & Discovery

Research & Discovery allows us to evaluate if SEO is going to work for your business. We take inventory on what you sell, who you sell it to and where you sell it. Also, it gives us an idea of where you are starting from and how tough a road it will be to knock out your competitors.

2) Competitive Research

We have years of competitive research experience dealing with clients from various industries. We work with you to identify the major players in your industry.Then, we our veteran research team uses the top analytical software tools to analyze and dissect your competitor’s digital marketing campaigns.


3) Keyword Research

Keyword research will make or break your SEO campaign. From optimizing your website to the anchor text of your backlinks and type of visitors driven to your site all is determined by your keywords. You can lose tons of time and money if you choose the wrong keywords.

4) Website Optimization

The objective of optimizing your website is for Google to index your site for your primary keywords. Most people identify SEO as website optimization. Without the right on-page systems in place, anything you do to boost your off-page SEO is sure to fail.

The key to website optimization is to identify the best keyword for each web page on your site. Then optimize each page’s URL, title tag, headers, Meta description, and content. Once you have optimized your website, Google will accurately categorize your site in its index.

5) Link Building Campaign

Website optimization covers around 30% of Google’s ranking factors; however, off-site factors make up the remaining 70%, and link building comprises the bulk of it. Many marketers ignore link building, and then they wonder why their clients aren’t ranking in the top search results.

Since it’s difficult to control activities on other websites, Google places a huge priority on backlinks. Plus, the Google search engine is built to retrieve information based on cross-references and associations (links)

6) Performance Tracking & Reporting

The final step in the process is tracking & monitoring your progress. You have completed your market research and understand the competitive landscape. You have identified keywords your best prospects use to find you. Your website is optimized for these keywords and Google completely understands what your site is all about. You have gone out and created high-quality backlinks on a regular basis. Now is the time to see if your campaign is working.

There are three primary metrics to track throughout your SEO campaign. The first one is the ranking of your keywords. The second is the amount of traffic coming from Google search to your website. The third, and the most significant, is the number of conversions from Google search results.

Client SEO Case Study

Software Company Gets 16X ROI With SEO Services

Client SEO Case Study

Law Firm Webite Gets 800% Increase In Monthly Unique Visitors

Client SEO Case Study

ecommerce site jumps from Page 10 to Page 1 for Top Keywords

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SEO Services’ Tools

Some of the software programs and technology we use to give our clients a competitive advantage.

When it comes to SEO consulting, Jason is a really helpful individual. Not only he has in-depth knowledge about Google search ranking factors, he also provides a clear-cut SEO strategic plan that brings quality results fast. Highly recommended.

Dharmender Badwal

Digital Marketing Manager, Ricoh North America

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