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Only 2% of new website visitors will fill out a form, call your business, or buy a product you offer. That’s why remarketing is a mission critical marketing activity for any business.

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What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing allows you to target your visitors who have visited certain pages or took certain actions on your website. Once they leave your site and depending on the actions they took, they will see customized ads follow them around to other websites and Facebook.

Industry averages have shown that businesses see as much as 50-60 % higher conversion rates for those who receive these types of ads. Remarketing helps consumers remember products and services they’re interested in seeing.


Our Remarketing Campaign Management Approach

1) Audience Analysis

Remarketing is showing your previous website visitors ads as they surf the Internet. However, some visitors are more valuable than others.Some visitors may have accidently landed on your site while others may be researching their next purchase. The ones in the buying process will more likely make a purchase if they came back to your site.

Therefore we research your website traffic and create segments to determine which ones we need to target more aggressively.

2) Audience Segmentation

The bread and butter of a successful remarketing campaign is audience segmentation. We use our industry leading analytic tools to create audience segments based on various factors such as current customers, time on site, certain product and service page visits and much more.

After creating high quality audience segments, we can show the best ad at the best bid price to the people most likely to buy your products and services.

3) Creative Design & Development

Successful remarketing campaigns need visually appealing ads. Our graphic design team will create visually appealing ads based on your audience and social media platform. Our videographer can also shoot high end video commercials as well.

4) Campaign Structure & Bidding

Once the audiences are segmented and the ads are created, we start building the campaigns inside a third party remarketing platform called Adroll.

Creating the ad groups based on the audience segments allows to analyze the campaign data. It also allows us to control the bid prices based on the type of audience we are targeting. One size fits all bidding strategy can lead to massive wastes of money

Remarketing Campaign Management Tools

Some of the software programs and technology we use to give our clients a competitive advantage.

When it comes to Search Engine ranking, you can’t be in better hands than these. With his depth of knowledge for the complex systems of SEO and remarkable professional experience, Jason is the go-to expert you have been looking for. Solid results and a pleasure to work with – what an unbeatable combination.

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