Do you remember a time when you claimed Wikipedia as your source for information and people would laugh at you? I sure do, but I also remember when people used to say Facebook was just for kids. These days, Wikipedia is a tour du force when it comes to authority on pretty much any topic on the planet. It has so much authority that a Wikipedia page shows up on the first page of 99% of Google search results.

Often an SEO client will ask me how they can get a page for their business on Wikipedia. However, these clients are not big brand names but typically small, local businesses, so it seems like a daunting task. Since many of them are not “trusted editors” on Wikipedia, they can’t just go on there and create a page. Wikipedia won’t approve your page, which leads to frustration. A business can hire a “trusted editor” to create the page for them, but it were expensive and frowned upon by Wikipedia. My advice is to follow the four steps below, and your business will be on Wikipedia in no time.

Step 1: Create a Wikipedia Account

The very first step is to create an account on Wikipedia. Having an account and being logged into Wikipedia allows you the functionality to edit pages. Having an account is crucial to becoming a trusted editor” in Wikipedia’s eyes plus it’s free.

Step 2: Find Pages That Need Editing

Your journey to becoming an editor of confidence starts by helping other pages out. To publish information on Wikipedia, you need references to support it.

For example, let’s say I posted on a Wikipedia page that Wikipedia shows up in 99% of Google first page results. Wikipedia wants real information and proof your statement is accurate. To get that statement approved by Wikipedia, I must cite where that information came from. On Wikipedia, you must provide a citation on where you found this information. My citation would be, Goodman, Danny, and Wikipedia Appears on Page 1 of Google for 99% of Searches, Search Engine Watch, for my statement.

You will find many pages with missing citations in addition to existing citations with broken links. Back to my example above, let’s say Search Engine Watch removed my citation page, so the link is dead. Wikipedia would love someone to go out and find other articles on the Internet that can substitute the citation. Therefore, I searched Google for Wikipedia shows up on 99% of Google first page results and I find a similar article at eConsultancy. Now I can go in and edit the Wikipedia page, remove the Search Engine Watch link and then add the eConsultancy link in its place. Wahlah! I just earned a few points towards my trusted editor diploma!

Step 3: Add Relevant Citations and Fix Dead Links

Before I get into adding information on Wikipedia pages, let’s first discuss on how to find these little pearls. I use a free tool called WikiGrabber. You use it like a Google search for Wikipedia, and it will show you results of relevant pages that need help. I would concentrate on relevant industry topics to your business and then establish you as a trusted editor on those topics. For example, if you are a criminal defense attorney in New York City, use search terms like Criminal offenses New York or New York Criminal laws, etc. to start. Then, you can find pages on topics that you are already an authority on.

Once you get to the page that needs editing, you have to find the missing citations and dead links. On some Wikipedia pages, it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why I suggest a Chrome extension called Check My Links. All you do is go to the Wikipedia page you want to edit, click on the icon for Check My Links on your toolbar, and then all the links on the page are highlighted in green and red. Look for (citation needed) and dead links highlighted in red. Also, you can use the “Find” function on your browser and just type in citation needed as well.

Step 4: Create your Company Page

Once you have edited various pages, added citations and fixed broken links, it’s time to create your business page. There’s no straight and narrow quantity of edits you need to complete before being tapped as a “trusted editor” by Wikipedia. Being on the lookout for pages that need assistance should be a routine for you. Once you get the hang of it, you can start adding your website citations and links to industry specific topics. This can lead to incredible increases in targeted traffic to your site.

In conclusion, getting your business a page on Wikipedia is an attainable goal, but it’s a process. To get a page, you must establish yourself as a “trusted editor.” You can start scouring the web for replacement links and citations for various Wikipedia pages. As you add new citations and links to various pages, you start to become a “trusted editor” in Wikipedia’s eyes. This process will pave the way for your business to have its very own page on the World’s #1 authority on all things, Wikipedia.