I have been in Internet marketing since the 90’s and Jason is one of the most talented SEO experts I have ever met. He performed a thorough evaluation of my site and backlink profile that saved me from potential catastrophic Google penalties. Then, provided a clear, impressive strategy based on High PR, Relevant link building that was executed with amazing results!

Rod Clarkson

Marketing Consultant, Guidomaggio

Business Background

7shoes.com was the online ecommerce arm of an Italian Leather Men’s Shoe retailer, Guidomaggi Luxury Shoes. They specialize in elevator shoes, shoes that add up to 4 inches of height to the person wearing them.



In 2014, 7shoes.com was ranking poorly for their main keyword “Elevator Shoes” and their top two secondary keywords “Taller Man Shoes” and “Height Increasing Shoes.

Upon analysis of the backlink profile of 7shoes.com, we noticed the anchor text “Elevator Shoes” was almost 50% of all anchors for backlinks. This needed to change as anything over 12% of one anchor text can set up potential Penguin Backlink penalties. Based on this issue, we developed 15 variations of anchor text to use in our backlink activities to try to get that 50% for Elevator Shoes as low as we can.


J2H Digital Strategy

Create a Tier 1 back link profile of 200 links

  • Consistent rate of daily link building that is manually placed for two weeks
  • Create a diverse link profile with articles, wikis, web 2.0, social sites, social bookmarks
  • All link properties must be a PR 3 or higher
  • Use the 15 variations of anchor text to lower the % of “Elevator Shoes” anchor text


Campaign Results

After a month of link building and diversifying the anchor text, 7shoes.com received the following results:

“Elevator Shoes” keyword went from close to 50% down to 25% of all anchor text

Main Keyword “Elevator Shoes”- went from ranking #90 to #12, a 76 position increase in rankings

Keyword “Taller Man Shoes”- went from ranking #55 to #5, a 50 point increase in rankings

Keyword “Height Increasing Shoes”- went from ranking #84 to a ranking of #10, a 74 position increase or from Page 9 to Page 1

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