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We have helped over 100 companies from around the country increase sales and profitability from our services. We can likely help you succeed as well.

Jason is an amazing professional with integrity and values I did not expect to find from day one of our discussions. No strings attached, Jason conducted a thorough investigation of my very specific situation and gave me solid evidence that I did not need to waste my money on SEO since my law practice was already ranking really well. Furthermore, he continued by providing me with alternatives for a better investment of my marketing dollars. I am pleased beyond words with Jason and have no reluctance in recommending him to anyone that asks me about the services he offers.

Sandro O. Monteblanco, Esq

Managing Partner, Law Offices of Monteblanco & Associates

Small To Mid-Sized Businesses Turn To Us To Drive More Sales From The Internet

From Mid Size Tech Companies to Service Providers to Small Mom and Pop Businesses, we deliver measurable results to our clients. With our Expert Digital Marketing and Advertising programs, we’re focused on driving qualified buyers to your business.

Jason Healey

Jason Healey

Founder & Owner

After a successful 15 year career in corporate sales & business development for such companies as Oracle and Reed Elsevier, Jason saw the changing landscape where the Internet became the number one source of information for consumers, shifting farther and farther away from the vendors themselves. Through Google search engine results and sharing content with peers on social media, the buyers took control of the sales process, making many salespeople obsolete.

Before J2H Digital, Jason headed up business development for a successful SaaS company where he first learned the power of search engine optimization. “As I saw more and more sales originating from inbound online marketing campaigns, I knew the Internet provided businesses of any size, an even playing field.” Now, Jason and his agency provide businesses the opportunity to take advantage of this shift in the consumer landscape and drive tremendous revenue from the Internet.

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We Respect Your Business and Your MoneyOur Core Values.


Our clients hard earned dollars are not to be wasted or played with. There are people behind these businesses with families to feed, children to educate and dreams to be fulfilled. We take very seriously the awesome responsibility and deep faith of our clients trusting their hard earned dollars with us.


Our clients are our partners. Partners do not hide or sugarcoat the good or the bad when working together. That’s why we provide you with highly detailed reporting on your campaigns’ performance every week and month.



We are an extension of your business just under a different name. We are digital marketing and advertising experts but you are the experts oF your business and industry. Our experience has been when clients take an active role in strategic conversations, the marketing campaigns perform extremely well.


This is a strategic partnership between you and us and we are committed to your financial and personal success. This is why we schedule weekly and monthly conference calls to discuss the campaigns, review the ongoing strategy and how we can improve performance on a continuous basis to exceed our goals.

Jason is the most honest, knowledgeable internet marketing I have ever worked with. He both listens and educates, and in the end clearly cares about truly helping you and your business.

Peter Callahan

Copper Beech Institute

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