Many marketers see the different advertising channels that they have their disposal as independent and unconnected paths to take. They measure which advertising channel delivers the best results, Google or Facebook, and try to invest more in the more efficient one. There’s a more sophisticated way of looking at your advertising options, however.

Rather than trying to compare the alternatives available to you for performance, it makes sense to try to see how you can use them together. When you implement a Facebook-plus-Google formula, you get a whole that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

When you see a Facebook-Google combination as a single marketing force with features that work to enhance one another, you get more marketing power than ever. What follows are four ways to get Google and Facebook to work together for results better than either one of them would be capable of alone.

Use Facebook to get searches for your brand started, and continue with Google

Properly targeted advertisements on Facebook can help you warm up a cold audience, and get them to search for your company on Google. You have a chance to convert these searchers.

You may wonder why Facebook ad viewers would go on Google to search for a company whose ad they’ve seen when they could directly click on the ad to learn more. For unknown reasons, however, once people see an ad, they like to take control in their own hands and look at all the options that Google offers them. Some studies have found that a properly done advertising campaign on Facebook can increase Google searches for a brand by a third.

It can help to advertise on Google to help these searches. You need to only start a Google advertising campaign with your brand name as a keyword, and use the same messaging in your campaign as on your Facebook ads. This will help your Facebook ad audience find information about the exact ad message that interests them.

Buying PPC advertising with your brand name as a keyword is important even if your company’s website currently ranks number one for the keyword. When you use your brand name as a keyword, you get to use the exact same wording for the PPC ad copy, as the Facebook ad. Not only do you help your cold audience recognize the PPC ad as the same message as on the Facebook ad, you collect better statistics on conversions and click-through rates from those arriving from those Facebook ads, as well. Using identical copy on Facebook ads and Google ads can help you bring in more interested traffic.

Use your Facebook ad copy as a keyword

When people look at a Facebook ad, they don’t always search for your company’s name when they go on Google. Often, they will look at your ad title and search for those words. Turning your ad titles into keyword phrases and buying Google PPC ads for them, then, can help you attract those people. You only need to make sure that your Facebook ad title is short and catchy.

Retarget your Google searchers

When you have visitors reaching your site through a Google search, you can retarget those people on Facebook with the same keyword phrases that they used on Google. It’s easy to do this. As an example, if there are people arriving on your website after searching on Google for a product called WordPress templates, you can retarget them with this keyword phrase on Facebook.

All you need to do is to go to the Create a custom audience tab on Facebook and create an audience for the landing page that the Google ad sends people to. Once you filter for people who get to the site from Google Ads, you can use Facebook to reach people who reach your ads.

Create a lookalike audience on Facebook

Facebook allows you to create something called lookalike audiences. You start with your best Google searchers, find out information about how old they are, what kind of jobs they have and any number of other qualities, and feed those parameters into Facebook’s lookalike audience generator. Facebook has deep information on its users and is able to find new people to present to you, with the exact same qualities as your best customers. You’re able to clone your best audiences and expand your customer base.

It’s important to understand that you don’t need to choose between Google and Facebook. When you use them together, you get a very powerful whole that’s able to get more done than either platform is, by itself.