Search engine optimization is more important today than it ever has been, and it will continue to increase in importance for the foreseeable future. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business, an e-commerce provider or an omnichannel operation, the majority of your customers begin their journey with an online search. You need a strong search presence to drive traffic.

The following is a look at three major mistakes businesses make with SEO strategy, along with insights on how to avoid them!


Not Keeping Up with Trends

SEO is in a constant state of flux. Google does not rest on its current algorithm. The company is always researching user behaviors to figure out what search users expect from a digital experience. This research is used to implement 500 to 600 minor search ranking algorithm adjusts per year, as well as one or more major updates.

If you are still applying SEO tactics you learned two, five or 10 years ago, you are trailing competitors in the race for top search engine page results. Your content marketing and SEO strategies must evolve to align with Google changes, and more importantly, user search behaviors.


Focusing on the Minutiae

It is well-documented that Google has over 200 factors in its search algorithm. Because of this, the list of SEO tactics companies employ when creating content is massive. In some cases, content creators are so focused on keywords and other search elements that they lose sight of producing quality work.

One of the most significant changes in SEO evolution has been a shift toward a quality-first approach to content. Build your article topics based on a desire to answer questions and problems that motivate your target market’s search queries. You want to pay attention to search factors, but make necessary adjustments after the original quality piece is complete. Google prioritizes the user experience in formulating its algorithm, and its recent RankBrain update leverages artificial intelligence to analyze your content as a user would.


Going It Alone

Like other facets of business and marketing, SEO is a vital strategic area that requires expertise for optimization. In the digital era, there are professionals that specialize in this singular area of digital marketing. The challenge, especially for small or medium-sized companies, is paying full-time salaries and benefits to people whose primary duties are creating or optimizing content for search performance.

Rather than relying on a marketing generalist, or someone with no background whatsoever, it is often better to outsource your content marketing or SEO needs. Partner with a firm that can help you identify your target market’s needs, develop relevant topics and achieve powerful search rankings.



Search engine optimization is a fascinating but challenging digital marketing component. In hyper-competitive industries, your ability to achieve high SERP can make the difference between profit and loss. Search result factors, and best practices, consistently change. Given the difficulty in keeping up with trends and the investment required to do so, and in overcoming these major mistakes, hiring an expert partner makes a lot of sense.